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  • Midday Veil

Midday Veil
BAND MEMBERS Emily Pothast, David Golightly, Timm Mason, Jayson Kochan, Garrett Moore, Sam Yoder
GENRE Electro, New Wave and Rock
RECORD LABEL translinguistic other
SOUNDS LIKE Sountracks for Beatific Visions
INFLUENCES improvisation, ontology, resonant frequencies, infinite self-similarity
Known for dramatic multimedia performances as well as subtle, varied recordings, Seattle sextet Midday Veil combines haunting, dramatic vocals and kosmische synth work with Middle Eastern-influenced guitar tones and driving, hypnotic rock grooves.

The band was founded in 2008 as a collaboration between vocalist and visual artist Emily Pothast and analog synth head David Golightly, whose studies in composition and electronic music included courses led by Karlheinz Stockhausen, however the broad palette of Midday Veils current incarnation owes much of its shapeshifting audacity to the addition in early 2009 of Timm Mason - a multi-instrumentalist obsessed with modular synthesis, musique concrete and Omar Khorshid - ┬Łon baritone guitar. Rounding out the lineup are Jayson Kochan (bass), Garrett Moore (drums) and Samuel Yoder (percussion). With the expanded lineup has come an extended approach to composition, which relies simultaneously on investigative, often site-specific improvisations and the assimilation of a broad range of rock, classical/avant-garde and international influences.

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