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  • Geist & the Sacred Ensemble

Geist & the Sacred Ensemble
BAND MEMBERS Geist, Samuel Joseph, Segawa, Space
GENRE Gothic, Other and Psychedelic
RECORD LABEL Moon Glyph, Translinguistic Other
Founded in 2006 by frontman Michael Sauder and percussionist Samuel Yoder, Seattle’s Geist & the Sacred Ensemble play anachronistic, haunted music that eats a jagged hole in the bottom of any category you try to place it in before it slips off into the cover of a dank, teeming Pacific Northwest night.

Inspired by Ennio Morricone, George Crumb, and Sauder’s experiences of growing up as a gravedigger from a Christian household in Lancaster, PA, Geist’s dramatic, largely acoustic music glows like an insistent, uncanny ember of a darker, more primordial time.

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