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  • C-Leb & the Kettle Black
  • C-Leb & the Kettle Black

C-Leb & the Kettle Black
BAND MEMBERS C-Leb, Jesse Strasbaugh, Sandy Dickerson, James Squires
GENRE Alternative, Blues and Rock
RECORD LABEL Spark & Shine
SOUNDS LIKE 100,000 horses chained to burning metal trash cans stomping hooves in unison
C-Leb & the Kettle Black – Seattle Weekly – MDL “The Kettle (out now, self-released, These gentlemen take a very Austin approach to C&W, melding the rougher elements of twang (occasionally with modern electronics) to make music perfect for tossing back a whiskey shot floating in Rainier.”
Kevin LeDoux, editor | “Seems like our old friend and local musician C-Leb has gone and redefined himself once again, and this time when you look him up in your Funk and Wagnalls it just says C•Leb – noun 1) AWESOME This iteration brings on the epitome of da’blues in a way-back throat destroying kinda way. Nothin but a sliding 6 string, harmonica and drum probably stolen from some sleeping hippie and repurposed in an unbelievably great way.” “North West originated but definitely Southern Fried, C-Leb & the Kettle Black offer an energetic “Hott Mess” of throaty blues, wicked slide guitar, and honky tonk harmonica on their debut. It ain’t got that “Parental Advisory — Explicit Content” sticker on it for nothing as it’s profane as all get out (though it has “clean versions” of four of the songs at the end of the disc… y’know, after your ears have already melted off).”
Rick J. Bowen – No Depression The Roots Music Authority “Raw and Rockin’ right out of the gate! The self titled debut from Seattle’s C-LEB and the Kettle Black reaches right out of the speakers for your throat.”
Bebe Besch – SSG Music “Their “Urban Blues” rang robustly to the crowd of early attendees who appreciated each effort made by the band. C-leb worked the front of the stage, owning his title as his rich voice carried the blues-rock deliveries out, sometimes paired with a harmonica.”
Frank O. Gutch Jr. - Rock & “This is take no prisoner stuff, the kind of stuff the real Southern bands used to play.The Celebration is straight-on rock with a touch of Delaney & Bonnie thrown in for good measure. My favorite, though, has to be One For the Road, a medium-beat ride on a musical hog of no mean size. It is wall-of-sound perfection when you turn it up, and I would bet that anyone who really wanted to listen would turn it way up.”

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