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  • The Trouble Starts
  • The Trouble Starts

The Trouble Starts
BAND MEMBERS Daniel G. Harmann, Aaron Starkey, Kennith Darling, Shea Bliss
GENRE Indie, Post Hardcore and Shoegaze
RECORD LABEL Hello Tower Media / Burning Building Recordings
SOUNDS LIKE Cats Wrestling at 5am
INFLUENCES Low, Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Stars, Nick Cave, the Smiths, Notwist, Spain, Cat Power, Sparklehorse, Lungfish, Face to Face, Sigur Ros, Blur, Kid Dakota
In August of 2013, the Trouble Starts (Daniel G. Harmann - Vocals/Guitar, Kenny Ball - Bass, Aaron Starkey - Guitar, and Shea Bliss - Drums) gave you East, part one of their collection of songs and themes that they refer to as Frontiers. West, due February 25, is the conclusion to this story, and is an entirely different collection of songs that balance the weight of its sister release with precision.

The two-part album explores the bands interpersonal relationship with the places and landscapes that shape their art and lives. And through reflections on those relationships with the times and places, they examine the context of their own space. What does America mean to us? How did growing up in the various places we’ve lived shape us?

With these songs they write a sort of open letter to our country and our time. This is what living is about, and in part, what East and West are about, for them.

The truth is in every moment.
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