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  • Daniel G. Harmann

Daniel G. Harmann
BAND MEMBERS Daniel G. Harmann, Bill Nordwall, Colin Black
GENRE Indie, Post Hardcore and Shoegaze
RECORD LABEL Hello Tower Media / Burning Building Recordings
SOUNDS LIKE Cats Wrestling at 5am
INFLUENCES Low, Bruce Springsteen, Ryan Adams, Stars, Nick Cave, the Smiths, Notwist, Spain, Cat Power, Sparklehorse, Lungfish, Face to Face, Sigur Ros, Blur, Kid Dakota
Tucked into the corner of a map in northeastern Arizona, the White Mountains exist, barely. A stunningly beautiful landscape of hatred and fear, shrouded in religion and blanketed in snow. This is where Daniel G. Harmann spent his youth, and where he chose to revisit on his first solo outing in seven years.

Produced by Brandon Eggleston (Modest Mouse, the Mountain Goats, Josh Ritter, John Vanderslice), this barren yet dense piece of art was recorded and mixed in a week, on all analog gear, with only guitars, keyboards & drums. As simple yet as complicated as it’s namesake, White Mountains is at once reminiscent & completely foreign, compared to Harmann's previous territory.

Available 04.09.15.
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