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New Lungs
BAND MEMBERS Nick Emard, Wes Gonzalez, Rob Granfelt, Antoine Martel
GENRE Alternative, Garage and Progressive
INFLUENCES The Globes, Postmadonna, Special Explosion, Dear Mister Manager, The Lonely Forest
Formed in the Spring of 2011, New Lungs came out of the ashes of previous local projects, Amber Sky Lane, and Hundred Meter Trees. Inspired by local DIY ethics and the success of bands like The Lonely Forest and The Globes, New Lungs has taken an independent approach to making the music that they want to make. This has manifested itself through an independent West Coast tour in the summer of 2012, and two independently recorded and released EP's, in less than two years.

"At times crashing and explosive but tempered with enough melody to keep me interested, they remind me of our own DIVERS at times, and that's not a comparison I'd throw around lightly"- Slabtown, Portland

"Fun (and) fast, the songs are dynamic, changing from section to section, and the band makes it tight on the transitions... on the more complex end of the structure approaches... songs with movement and an arc to them"- The Vera Project (David Dawes)
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