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  • Us on Roofs

Us on Roofs
BAND MEMBERS Brian Fisher, Mikey Farrow, Wesley Williams, Nick Blodgett
GENRE Alternative
RECORD LABEL Independent
SOUNDS LIKE A mystic nature-fused breed of dream pop and math rock.
INFLUENCES Grizzly Bear, Radiohead, Fleet Foxes, Deerhunter, Animal Collective
Us on Roofs formed in the late summer of 2009 in the wooded, seaside town of Gig Harbor. Born in the influence of Tacoma's garage rock scene, the band took form as a minimal rock/pop trio when singer/guitarist Brian Fisher brought some half developed pop hooks to high school friends, Mikey Farrow (bass) and Nick Blodgett (drums). With only a handful of songs oozing with earnestness, they quickly made their way to Seattle sharing the stage with bands like The Lonely Forest, SSLYBY, Hey Marseilles, and Sleeper Agent.

Having gained experience in the Seattle, a growing loyal fan base, and new member Wesley Williams, Us on Roofs began crafting new songs for their debut full-length album (due out January 2013). Drawing from a larger and more eclectic collection of influences, their new ambitions venture into shoe-gaze and math-rock territory.

They headed up to Anacortes, WA in the summer of 2012 to capture their new sound at an analog recording studio called "The Unknown" built in an old church. With a sanctuary of natural reverb and an arsenal of marching band drums, gongs, vibes, and other noise-makers, they crafted an album that took on a life of its own, exceeding everyone's initial visions.
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