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  • Orca Team
  • Orca Team
  • Orca Team
  • Orca Team

Orca Team
BAND MEMBERS Leif Anders (bass guitar, vocals), Jessica Baldauf (guitar), Dwayne Cullen (drums)
GENRE Punk and Surf
RECORD LABEL Happy Happy Birthday to ME
INFLUENCES Dusty Springfield, Young Marble Giants, The Flamingos, The Slits, Pylon, Del Shannon, The Smiths, Jan and Dean and The Raincoats.
Having lived everywhere from Portland to Bellingham and now residing in Seattle, ORCA TEAM are bastard children of the Northwest. Leif Anders sings longingly for a lost ideal over a driving, melodic bass line. Jessica B. plucks notes drenched in reverb on her guitar. And with a stiff lip, Dwayne holds a steady beat on a muted drum set. They make the music of a punk trio if everyone in the band decided to keep their volume low and their tones clean. Bathed in cold waters, surrounded by pine trees and with only a few glimpses of sunlight, ORCA TEAM’S sound is described as “Cold Surf”.
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