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Haunted Horses
BAND MEMBERS Colin Dawson, Myke Pelly, Troy Ayala
GENRE Gothic, Industrial and Punk
SOUNDS LIKE satanic-space-jams
INFLUENCES Swans, Faust, This Heat, Liars, AWOTT, K-Holes, Bauhaus
Haunted Horses is a industrial punk trio hailing from Seattle, WA. Their sound has been described as bizarre and experimental, utilizing wall of noise techniques and thunderous drums galloping through dark tones. Seattle's The Stranger describes the band as "confrontational prog punk as imagined by a troupe of angry cave-dwelling Luddites, Haunted Horses manifest a furious onslaught of sound rarely found these days, at times channeling prime-era Liars in their cacophonies of claustrophobic angst." The project's newest release is a full-length LP called Watcher (out now).
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