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  1. 1.A Fraction of Light
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  2. 2.My Last Days
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  • Serial Hawk

Serial Hawk
BAND MEMBERS Will, Adam, Justin
GENRE Grunge, Metal and Rock
"For the last several years, I have maintained that if given the power to have the intro from any song play whenever I walked into a room, that song would be "Blanket" by Unbroken. It's such a gigantic, crushing intro. Totally amazing. Serial Hawk's brutal stoner rock causes me to second-guess that choice, though. Every Serial Hawk song comes with riffs and beats that are so massive and unyielding that it is clear there is no room for bullshit here. Think old TAD and the heaviest of heavy Melvins songs. Serial Hawk blast the room with relentless energy that demands attention but also instills a little bit of fear. And most importantly, they don't put up with any crap."

- Megan Seling (The Stranger, Line Out)

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