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  • The Hardcount
  • The Hardcount
  • The Hardcount
  • The Hardcount

The Hardcount
BAND MEMBERS Rev. Adumb Green, Disco Donnie, Vince and Spike
GENRE Alternative, Punk and Rock
SOUNDS LIKE Misfits, Ramones, The Rentals
INFLUENCES AC/DC, Motorhead, The Rentals, Misfits, Ramones
The Hardcount is a rock n roll band cut from the same cloth as Motorhead, the Misfits, AC/DC, the Ramones and Johnny Cash. Rock n Roll is in our blood, it keeps us sane enough to walk the planet with "normal people". If we didn't have this we'd be dead. It all started by accident, sort of. All of us had our own things going on, we started doing stuff with each other and it snowballed into the Hardcount. Trusting that every member knows what to do, we only worry about 1 thing....making sure that every person that watches us is left speech less! We love what we do and it shows. Even if it isn't your "style" or "scene" you are going to walk away saying "that was really good" (that's the goal anyways). We don't cancel shows, we don't get there late, if we are treated disrespectfully by the club or staff we take with a smile (we will most likely be washing our hair the next time you want us to play though), we don't argue about money, and, we make every performance seem like it is going to be our last day on earth....we leave it all on stage.

The Hardcount is led by singer the Reverend Adumb Green (brother of Modest Mouse drummer Jeremiah Green), who has his hand on the trigger at all times and does not hesitate to pull it. The Reverend preaches his message to the congregation, delivering lyrics that cover lifes ups and downs by way of his gravelly, whiskey-soaked voice, not unlike Tom Waits or maybe Lemmy of Motorhead.

The guitar is conquered by Disco Donnie, a man built from equal parts love and hate. With an ammunition box loaded with Gibson guitars and Marshall amps, his sound is rooted in classic rock tone but delivers it in his own unique way. His past includes being a founding member of both Guns of Jack the Hotrod
Providing the low end thunder on bass is the infamous Spike Hell. Just ask him to tell you some of his tour stories and you'll wonder why he hasnt written a book, the Spike Diaries. A couple bands on his resume include, Go Like Hell and Los Bastardos. This guy attacks the Bass, period.

The raw power driving this band forward is generated by drummer Vincent Lane. A hard-hitting, straight to work, no bullshit great drummer. A true gentlemen.

Nothing in the world is black and white. Everything is gray and we hope to paint a picture with our music that we are all stuck on this garbage planet, we all have heartbreak, loneliness, bad times, good times, the mornings (or afternoons) we don't want to get out of bed, questions about the meaning of life, traffic jams, hangovers, empty bank accounts, momentous joy, death and, most!
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