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  1. 1.Abrace al Reino del Cielo
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  2. 2.Debussy - Qu'il la fiat bon regarder
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  3. 3.Saltando
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  • Abráce
  • Abráce

BAND MEMBERS Vocalists: Samia Panni, Joyce Yarrow, Mikaela Romero , Angie Bolton and Rebeqa Rivers - Percussionists: Denny Stern and Jeff Busch
GENRE Acoustic, Folk and Other
INFLUENCES Musicians from all around the world.
Abráce sings in English, Coptic, Spanish, French, Italian, Swahili, Xhosa, Bulgarian, Japanese, Hebrew, Brazilian Portuguese, Lucumí (archaic Yoruba), Ladino, (and nonsense syllables). Our repertoire ranges from the 15th Century to the present and includes our own original compositions and improvisations.

As the rhythms change and the languages shift, the theme stays the same: building inter-cultural understanding through music. We have performed at multi-cultural festivals, benefit concerts, art galleries and museums.
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