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  1. 1.Without A Fight
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  2. 2.Head In The Clouds
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  3. 3.Run Away
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  • The Piniellas
  • The Piniellas
  • The Piniellas
  • The Piniellas

The Piniellas
BAND MEMBERS Scott Matthews, Leif Larson, Josh Dale.
GENRE Pop-punk and Power Pop
RECORD LABEL This Ain't Havana Records
SOUNDS LIKE The Ramones, Riverdales, Paul Collins' Beat
INFLUENCES Chuck Berry, Buddy Holly, Everly Brothers, Ritchie Valens, Phil Spector, Beatles, Rolling Stones, Who, Kinks, Beach Boys, Byrds, Hollies, Badfinger, Ramones, Flamin' Groovies, 20/20, Pointed Sticks, The Barracudas , The Records, The Nerves, The Beat...
The Piniellas started off in August 2011 with Scott, Rob and Leif. In July 2013 they recorded their Self Titled album in Atlanta with Joe Queer producing. In August they did a brief tour with Dan Vapid & The Cheats and they decided to go on a break/hiatus.

Currently in the year 2014 the Piniellas are back to writing and practicing with new drummer, friend and fan Josh Dale. Leif is planning to get his solo act the Tronnies in the studio. Scott's writing newer songs!?! Expect their 12 song record out sometime in the near future!!!!!!

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