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  • (9999)

BAND MEMBERS Jaik Clark, Ian Etheridge, Brenton Sprague, Sean Booth
GENRE Grunge, Metal and Punk
SOUNDS LIKE what you want to hear from a band
INFLUENCES Soundgarden, Queens Of the Stone Age, Pantera, Kyuss, U-Men, TAD, Malfunkshun, Green River, Melvins, Alice In Chains
Started in January 2011, (9999) is a group a long time in the making. Getting influence from everything that has happened in the Northwest over the last 30 years, (9999) mixes it, and re-invents things you thought you've heard before and delivers in a brand new way. Hard hitting, heavy grooving, loud wailing, and tall stomping. (9999) leaves you wondering where your old Chuck Taylor's, leather jacket, and cut-off shorts went.
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