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Posted Saturday, December 6, 2014 at 06:17 AM

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Seattle art classes - drawing, painting and more

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Seattle art classes & workshops
Looking for enjoyable introductory classes in drawing, painting, cartooning, and more?
We have several coming up soon.  They're held on the University of Washington 
campus in Seattle, and are open to everyone.
For dates, times and course descriptions, click the class title:

Please click HERE for more information

Classes starting soon (click the titles):

Drawing for Beginners

Drawing is fun! Anyone can learn. The exercises in this enjoyable introductory seminar will help. You'll learn to draw and sketch objects based on four simple shapes, then how to use shading and other methods to make them look finished, real and three dimensional.Learn to draw in a friendly and supportive environment. All drawing materials are provided by the instructor.

Cartooning fundamentals

In this step by step introductory seminar, you'll learn how to visualize cartoon characters and sketch them in action and from a variety of different angles. We'll work in pencil, paper and ink. Plus, how to color cartoons digitally, and ways to get your cartoons published and turn a hobby into a possible source of income. All levels welcome.

Figure Drawing workshop

Some people feel comfortable drawing human figures, but have a few problem areas. Others have never gotten beyond the stick figure stage. Whether you're a beginner or an intermediate artist, this class will help you learn and improve. You'll learn to draw a simple figure, then learn about the bodily proportions, then add finishing details. All levels welcome.

Exploring Color in Art and Life

Why do some colors go well together, and others clash? Why do paints sometimes look different in the paint store than on the walls of your home (thought the pigments are identical)? What are warm and cool colorl, and complementary colors, and why does mixing them give us beautiful and vibrant "earth tones"? In this workshop, we'll paint and play with colors while learning the fundamentals of color theory. For artists and everyone else who would like to understand color better. All levels welcome.

Painting for Beginners

Painting is fun - and anyone can learn how to do it. In this introductory seminar you'll learn key information about color mixing, color blending, how to use artists' brushes, and how to paint using acrylics. We'll start out by learning some basics to make it easier, then paint a simple landscape. Aimed at beginners.

Neighborhood: University District
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